170104 “Legend of the Blue Sea” SBS BTS / От снимачната площадка на “Legend of the Blue Sea”

15623799_1804823146437886_8127219730634244096_n 15802193_593732524149098_4019442700125208576_n 15802274_1236226036464017_155934654606606336_n 15803700_1187217068032842_1841165115865432064_n 15803806_1746346392351981_9073410535000637440_n 15875629_1627969900843340_3174438623718146048_n 15877286_694847347358983_5501266452298072064_n 15877443_558139544356503_5699112608959823872_n c1st9agw8aa4dau c1t6yepveaivbvs c1tawgiviaaubcm photo_2017-01-04_11-05-51


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